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What Does A Life Tuneups Membership Include?

  • Real News

    A different topic will be featured each month including finance, health & wellness, relationship, goal setting and vision. Your membership includes a monthly newsletter which will contain articles, recipes, product reviews, interviews and super foods that complement the focus of the month. I love putting together valuable content each month that will help you tune up all areas of your life.

  • Real Life

    I invite you to dive into the REALity of my life.  Each month you will receive a “Day In the Life” video where I share with you how I incorporate Life Tuneups into my daily practices. I am no different than any other person so don’t expect Hollywood hair and makeup.  What you will get is “me” as my friends and family see me each day. I keep it real and always try to lead by example… in other words I show you that I practice what I preach.

  • Real Talk

    Nothing is better than a good old fashioned chat. Each month, I host an online group get-together. The hour long call will consist of a 30 minute group coaching session facilitated by either myself. The second half of the call will be 30 minutes of Q&A where you, the members, have the opportunity to talk about whatever is on you mind… anything goes.

  • Real Experts

    My network is your network. Having worked side by side with some amazing people, I am so happy to be able to bring to you the insight, knowledge, interviews and special guest appearances from these great industry leaders.

  • Real People

    As a member of Life Tuneups, you will have complete access to the Life Tuneups private Facebook group. This closed group is a great way to share your thoughts, opinions, tools and strategies that you have used in your life.  As a member, you will have the constant support of not only me but the other members of your Life Tuneups family. Life Tuneups as a constant support group is not only good for the heart and soul but it is also a ton of fun. Join us!

  • Real Contribution

    There is nothing like the feeling of giving back. There are so people less fortunate than us. Together, we will give back to a charity or organization in need of our support.

Not Now
  • You deserve to treat yourself and at $18 the Life Tuneups membership fee is way less than a new pair of shoes.
  • The online relationships and support system you will develop is priceless.
  • Motivation, stimulation, information, education and inspiration for only $4.50 a week. You can’t buy THAT at Starbucks.
Loren's Facebook
So often we put others needs before our own. Maybe now is not a good time to join us but I encourage you to keep us in mind.

Still not ready? That’s ok. Join me on my Facebook page until that time is right. On my page you will get “Daily Doses,” our daily motivational posts, information on seminars and workshops, recipes and much more.

Personal Coaching
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  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • A VIP membership rate to all Life Tuneups seminars and events both online and live
  • Access to my network of experts.
  • A copy of all both books: Life Tuneups and The Greatest Love.
  • Membership to Life Tuneups during the coaching months.
  • Contact us today for a rate. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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People know me as an elite life coach, international motivational speaker and nutritional therapist but more importantly I am a mom, wife and business woman.

With private one on one coaching, you will get the opportunity to really focus on the areas of your life that you feel could use more than a “tune up.” Business or personal, I will be there as your friend, coach and confidant.

Got Questions?

Is this some high priced product I’ll never use? +

No! I have a great love of learning and my quest for knowledge never stops. I am passionate about being able to continuously release and share my knowledge and the lessons I have learned with people who desire it.

Life Tuneups is a community where you can get the best of the best from the best! In the past, I have not only been honored to mentor the Life Tuneups members but I am also humbled to call them my “friends”.

Real Talk is a great time for us to personally connect. I welcome all questions that may arise during the call. If you know your question prior to the call simply email your question to questions@mylifetuneups.com. Questions emailed will be the first ones answered on the call.

Real Talk will be a great time for you to get some personal time with me, if you have questions that you’d like me to answer on the calls, just email them to questions@mylifetuneups.com and they’ll be the first ones I answer.

Can I talk to you personally from signing up to Life Tuneups? +

Yes! Once a month on our Real Talk Calls, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions about anything you like. All our Real Talks will be recorded and available to re-listen to for subscribers no matter when you join!

I am also active in the Life Tuneups group which is a great place to reach out to me and other Life Tuneups members. I, and many other members, are in the group on a daily basis which pretty much assures you can always find someone to brainstorm with or someone willing to lend a compassionate ear.

Sometimes people find that they need more than that what the membership offers. I do offer personal individual coaching. Personal coaching sessions are one-on-one weekly sessions and the cost of the coaching includes your Life Tuneups membership. Click the Coaching option below to get a quote for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month coaching.

What am I risking by joining? +

A better question may be “What am I risking if I don’t join?” With Life Tuneups you will find stability in your life, grow as a person and gain confidence in areas that have been troublesome to you in the past.

You will become part of a caring and supporting (and don’t forget fun) online community that will provide suggestions, advice and help keep you accountable.

If you have tried to make changes in the past and felt overwhelmed or alone in your journey it was due to two reasons:

1. You may not have had the resources to help you meet your goals.

2. You may not have had the support system in place to help you meet the standards and goals that you have met for yourself.

Life Tuneups provides you will both those things and so much more.

As for a financial Risk? This program has been priced WAY below its value in order to make it affordable to anyone interested in joining. You may not believe it but I know that you are worth the so much more than the .58 cents a day. Not to mention that you can cancel at any time and get up to (3) months membership refunded if you are not satisfied with the service.

What other perks do I get from signing up to Life Tune Ups? +

The online membership alone is well worth the membership price however my team and I have been putting the finishing touches on our 2014 conference, seminar and workshop schedule. It is so exciting to hold LIVE events where we can connect face to face; where members get to meet each other and enhance their online friendship.

As a Life Tuneups member, you will be the first to receive the events schedule. You will also receive discounts to the events and other products.

Be on the lookout for “Tuneups  With A Friend” that will give you an opportunity to receive free membership months.

At the Loren Slocum headquarters we never stop thinking of ways to better serve you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied your Life Tuneups membership, simply email our support team. We will gladly discontinue your membership and refund up to (3) three months of your subscription price. No questions asked.